Fruit Tea

Fruit Tea

Fruit and Water (lemon, grapefruit, orange)

A healthy way to detox and re-energize the body with 2L of fruit and water every day!
Natural fruit and water products developed with the technology of Abishag fruit chip.
You can take pure 100% pure lemons, grapefruits and oranges after straining them into cold or warm water.

Diving Fruit

A project for drinking healthy 2-liter water with high-quality fruit chips dried at low temperature

  • Pure fruits containing no chemical additives and artificial colors
  • Fruit drinks of 100% purely drawn fruits
  • Colors, flavors and tastes of fruits maintained through a low-temperature drying system

Diving Fruits are “natural fruit water” containing no additives.


  • Weight: 35g (lemon 4g*2EA, grapefruit 4.5g*2EA, lime 3g*2EA, orange 6g*2EA)
  • Raw materials and contents: Lemon (foreign-made: such as the U.S., Chile and Australia) 22.9%, grapefruit (foreign-made: such as the U.S., Israel and South Africa) 25.7%, lime (Mexico) 17.1%, orange (foreign-made: such as the U.S., South Africa and Australia) 34.3%

How to Eat

  • 1. Put one pack of Diving Fruits in water or carbonated soda and draw it for about 10~20 minutes.
  • 2. Use 500ml~2L of cold or hot water according to your preference.
  • 3. You can add sugar or honey for taking it like tea.

Fruit Tea Tox – Morning Tea, Evening Tea

A healthy and relaxed day from morning till night with Fruit Tea Tox

  • Like fresh morning sunlight and evening starlight ~ a relaxed day with fruit teas
  • Teas enjoyed in a classy manner with premium blending
  • Teas with maximized nutrients and flavors of fruits through developing teas using high-quality fruits dried in low temperature

A healthy and relaxed day “from morning till night” with Fruit Tea Tox


  • Weight: 2.5g*14ea (Morning Tea 7ea, Evening Tea 7ea)
  • Morning Tea: Lemon, orange, red tea, citron, omija, pear
  • Evening Tea: Orange, pear, hibiscus, stevia, papaya, apple, grape

How to Eat

  • 1. Draw for over 10~15 minutes in cold or hot water according to your preference.