100% Real Fruit Chip, Abishag Fruit Chip

More honestly, more cleanly and more slowly are the three pillars that underpin Hephzibah F&B.

Anyone can imagine the beautiful sights of fruits and enjoy our products at any time and in any place.



More Honestly

As we make dried fruit products in the most natural way possible through low temperature thermal dehydration without using artificial additives (such as sugar, colors and preservatives), the quality of our fruit determines the quality and taste of our products.
We will strictly select the best fruit, purchase them and honestly dry them.

More Cleanly

Abishag Fruit Chips, which people of all ages, from infants to the aged, can enjoy, are especially popular as nourishing snacks for children.
Sanitation is essential. We promise to make very clean products.



More Slowly

We will do our best to abide by the principle of processing fruit on the day when we purchase fully ripened fruit from districts where they are grown in order to capture the flavors, colors, shapes and tastes of natural fruit.
Even if we are faced with time constraints, we will stay true to our principles and pursue safety more slowly than others.