About Hephzibah

Hephzibah will lead to healthy and safe food culture.
To provide good food for your valuable health to contribute to public health and produce products using only 100% fruit intact.


Strawberry Fruit Chip

Abishag strawberry chips are made with only fresh strawberries that…


Abishag Rice Chip

Abishag Organic Snacks are organic rice chips that can be given to…


Cereal bar

Cereal bar containing nuts, Abishag apple, tangerine, strawberry…


Fruit and Water

A healthy way to detox and re-energize the body with 2L of…

Why is Abishag Fruit Chip perfect for snack?!

Just one!

It has no sugar, preservatives,
spices, and artificial colors!
only dried with 100%
real fruits!

Just two!

Not fried with oli nor baked.

Just three!

It is dried with hot wind drying method to minimize nutrition loss of fruits.

Just four!

It is packed individually to be handy!

Just five!

You can enjoy various fruits whenever, wherever you want!


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